50:50 NI Meets Claire Hanna

This week 50:50 NI meets Claire Hanna has been the Member of Parliament for Belfast South since 2019 and was previously a Member of the Legislative Assembly in Northern Ireland from 2015 to 2019. Have you always been interested in politics?  I always have been on some level. My parents were both political. My dadContinue reading “50:50 NI Meets Claire Hanna”

50:50 NI Meets Michelle Guy 

This week 50:50 NI met Michelle Guy. Michelle is an Alliance councillor for Castlereagh South. Michelle has previously worked in marketing and in policy as a civil servant. Have you always been interested in Politics?  I guess the honest answer is yes. It’s very hard to grow up in Northern Ireland and not be interestedContinue reading “50:50 NI Meets Michelle Guy “

Mental Health in Northern Ireland

As a young person who has grown up in a post-conflict state, I am thankful for the hard-won peace that the Good Friday Agreement has brought to my generation. The Good Friday Agreement has allowed me to live in a society free of the violence witnessed by my parents. Although it is not a perfectContinue reading “Mental Health in Northern Ireland”

50:50 NI Meets Diana Armstrong

This week 50:50 NI Meets Diana Armstrong. Diana is currently the chair of Fermanagh and Omagh District Council. Prior to her career as an elected representative, Diana worked in the European Union Institutions. Have you always been interested in politics Yes, I grew up surrounded by politics. My father was the minister for agriculture andContinue reading “50:50 NI Meets Diana Armstrong”

50:50 NI Meets Rachel Woods

We are back with the 50:50 NI Interview series. This week 50:50 NI meets Rachel Woods. Rachel is the Green Party MLA for North Down and served on Ards and North Down Borough Council before becoming a Member of the Legislative Assembly.  Have you always been interested in politics?  No, I was not always interestedContinue reading “50:50 NI Meets Rachel Woods”

50:50 NI Meets Sinéad McLaughlin

This week 50:50 NI meets Sinead McLaughlin. Sinead MLA is an SDLP politician who has served as Member of the Legislative Assembly for the Foyle constituency in the Northern Ireland Assembly since January 2020. She is the SDLP’s spokesperson for the economy and energy, the deputy chair of the Northern Ireland Assembly’s economy committee and is a former chief executive of Londonderry Chamber of Commerce. HaveContinue reading “50:50 NI Meets Sinéad McLaughlin”

50:50 NI Meets Emma Sheerin

This is the second instalment of the series and this week 50:50 NI meets Emma Sheerin. Emma is a Sinn Féin MLA for Mid Ulster, and the party’s assembly spokesperson on Equality and Human Rights. A PPE Graduate of QUB, she’s been a Sinn Féin activist since her teenage years, and feels that human rights areContinue reading “50:50 NI Meets Emma Sheerin”

Women, Stormont, and The Good Friday Agreement: Why Northern Ireland Needs More Women in Politics

Despite women’s right to political participation being enshrined in The Good Friday Agreement, women’s representation in the region remains low. Women make up only 33% of MLAs in Stormont.   While The Good Friday Agreement does highlight the rights of women to full and equal political participation, this is the only time that gender is mentionedContinue reading “Women, Stormont, and The Good Friday Agreement: Why Northern Ireland Needs More Women in Politics”

Women Leaders and The Covid-19 Crisis

  The success in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic by leaders such as Jacinda Arden (New Zealand), Angela Merkel (Germany) and Tsai Ing-Wen (Taiwan) has been widely covered by the media. These female leaders and their approach to dealing with Covid-19 highlight that being women led gave nations a great advantage when it came toContinue reading “Women Leaders and The Covid-19 Crisis”