50:50 NI Meets Kathleen McGurk

Today our board member Emma Rainey meets Kathleen McGurk. Kathleen is a Sinn Fein candidate in East Derry. Kathleen is currently a Councillor on Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council. With a background in the construction industry Kathleen is passionate about rural sustainability. Have you always been interested in politics? Yes, since my teenage yearsContinue reading “50:50 NI Meets Kathleen McGurk”

50:50 NI Meets Rachael Ferguson

Today 50:50 NI meets Rachael Ferguson. Rachael is an Alliance candidate in Foyle, she is currently an elected councillor and has a background in retail and childcare. Have you always been interested in politics? When I was eighteen I went away to university to Liverpool and I stayed there for a long time then IContinue reading “50:50 NI Meets Rachael Ferguson”

50:50 NI Meets Sorcha Eastwood

As we get closer to polling day 50:50 NI is meeting more of the women running for election. Today 50:50 NI meets Sorcha Eastwood. Sorcha is an Alliance Party candidate in Lagan Valley, she has worked for the Alliance party for several years and has an impressive background in business and HR. Sorcha is passionateContinue reading “50:50 NI Meets Sorcha Eastwood”

50:50 NI Meets Déirdre Vaughan

50:50 NI is meeting another candidate this week as part of our #AEWomen22 campaign. Déirdre Vaughan is a SDLP candidate for North Down. she has a background in PR and political communications, and is passionate about mental health policy. Have you always been interested in politics? I am originally from West Belfast and we allContinue reading “50:50 NI Meets Déirdre Vaughan”

50:50 NI Meets Naomi McBurney

This week 50:50 NI meets Naomi McBurney who is a UUP candidate for North Down. Naomi has been an activist in her community for many years running campaigns such as “Bring it back to Primary” and campaigning on the issues associated with school uniforms. Her experience in politics goes well beyond this as she hasContinue reading “50:50 NI Meets Naomi McBurney”

50:50 NI Meets Claire Hackett

Claire Hackett is the first of many fantastic women in our new 50:50 NI Meets the Candidates series. Claire is a women’s health activist who has worked on many important issues such as supporting people who are breastfeeding, supporting new mothers and generally trying to smash the patriarchy that exists in our health services. AsContinue reading “50:50 NI Meets Claire Hackett”

50:50 NI Meets Liz Kimmins

We are back with another ’50:50 NI Meets…’ interview. This week we met Liz Kimmins. Liz is the Sinn Féin MLA for Newry and Armagh. Have you always been interested in politics? Yes, I supposed from a young age I always had a keen interest. I didn’t really get active until I was in myContinue reading “50:50 NI Meets Liz Kimmins”