50:50 NI Meets Caoimhe Archibald

This week 50:50 NI meets Caoimhe Archibald. Caoimhe has been MLA for East Derry/Londonderry since 2016. Caoimhe is the Sinn Fein spokesperson for the economy and Chair of the Northern Ireland assembly Economy Committee. Additionally, Caoimhe has a PhD from QUB in molecular mycology. Have you always been interested in politics?  Yes, for as longContinue reading “50:50 NI Meets Caoimhe Archibald”

Gender Quotas : A Very Short Introduction

Gender quotas have proven to be an extremely effective tool at increasing the number of women being elected into parliaments across the world. As of 2019, more than half of the top nations for women’s representation in politics have some form of voluntary, legislative or constitutional quota. But what are quotas and how do theyContinue reading “Gender Quotas : A Very Short Introduction”