50:50 NI Meets Laura Devlin

This week 50:50 NI meets with another inspirational women who is chair of her council. Laura Devlin is Chair of the Newry, Mourne and Down council and has been a councillor since 2013. Laura is also the SDLP spokesperson for tourism. Have you always been interested in politics? My family have always been SDLP supporters.Continue reading “50:50 NI Meets Laura Devlin”

50:50 NI meets Kate Nicholl

This week 50:50 NI meets Kate Nicholl. Kate is an Alliance Councillor for Balmoral, South Belfast. Have you always been interested in politics?  Yes, I think I have always been interested in politics, but maybe didn’t identify it as that. My grandparents were anti-apartheid activists: My grandmother was a member of the Black Sash whichContinue reading “50:50 NI meets Kate Nicholl”