50:50 NI Meets Nichola Mallon

This week 50:50 NI Meets Nichola Mallon. Nichola has had a very impressive political journey so far; Nichola is currently deputy leader of the SDLP and has been MLA for Belfast North since 2016. Nichola was also Lord Mayor of Belfast from 2014 to 2015. Have you always been interested in politics?  I have alwaysContinue reading “50:50 NI Meets Nichola Mallon”

50:50 NI Meets Caoimhe Archibald

This week 50:50 NI meets Caoimhe Archibald. Caoimhe has been MLA for East Derry/Londonderry since 2016. Caoimhe is the Sinn Fein spokesperson for the economy and Chair of the Northern Ireland assembly Economy Committee. Additionally, Caoimhe has a PhD from QUB in molecular mycology. Have you always been interested in politics?  Yes, for as longContinue reading “50:50 NI Meets Caoimhe Archibald”

50:50 NI meets Kate Nicholl

This week 50:50 NI meets Kate Nicholl. Kate is an Alliance Councillor for Balmoral, South Belfast. Have you always been interested in politics?  Yes, I think I have always been interested in politics, but maybe didn’t identify it as that. My grandparents were anti-apartheid activists: My grandmother was a member of the Black Sash whichContinue reading “50:50 NI meets Kate Nicholl”

50:50 NI meets Paula Bradley

This week 50:50 NI meets Paula Bradley. Paula is a Democratic Unionist Party politician in the Northern Ireland Assembly. She has been a Member of the Legislative Assembly for Belfast North since 2011. So, my first question is, have you always been political?  I grew up in a household that was not political in anyContinue reading “50:50 NI meets Paula Bradley”

50:50 NI Meets Rachel Woods

We are back with the 50:50 NI Interview series. This week 50:50 NI meets Rachel Woods. Rachel is the Green Party MLA for North Down and served on Ards and North Down Borough Council before becoming a Member of the Legislative Assembly.  Have you always been interested in politics?  No, I was not always interestedContinue reading “50:50 NI Meets Rachel Woods”

50:50 NI Meets Sinéad McLaughlin

This week 50:50 NI meets Sinead McLaughlin. Sinead MLA is an SDLP politician who has served as Member of the Legislative Assembly for the Foyle constituency in the Northern Ireland Assembly since January 2020. She is the SDLP’s spokesperson for the economy and energy, the deputy chair of the Northern Ireland Assembly’s economy committee and is a former chief executive of Londonderry Chamber of Commerce. HaveContinue reading “50:50 NI Meets Sinéad McLaughlin”

50:50 NI Meets Emma Sheerin

This is the second instalment of the series and this week 50:50 NI meets Emma Sheerin. Emma is a Sinn Féin MLA for Mid Ulster, and the party’s assembly spokesperson on Equality and Human Rights. A PPE Graduate of QUB, she’s been a Sinn Féin activist since her teenage years, and feels that human rights areContinue reading “50:50 NI Meets Emma Sheerin”

50:50 NI Meets Patricia O’Lynn

This week we kick off the ’50:50 NI Meets’ series with Patricia O’Lynn. Patricia is an Alliance Councillor on the Mid and East Antrim borough council. When she is not representing the people of Ballymena Town Patricia works as a programme manager at the Charity Right To Succeed. Having achieved a BA in law andContinue reading “50:50 NI Meets Patricia O’Lynn”

Gender Quotas : A Very Short Introduction

Gender quotas have proven to be an extremely effective tool at increasing the number of women being elected into parliaments across the world. As of 2019, more than half of the top nations for women’s representation in politics have some form of voluntary, legislative or constitutional quota. But what are quotas and how do theyContinue reading “Gender Quotas : A Very Short Introduction”

Women and the Environment: Why More Women are Needed in the Fight Against Climate Change

Due to the fact that women make up the majority of the world’s poor, up to 70% according to the UN, they are significantly more vulnerable to the effects of climate change than men. The extent to which women are disproportionately affected by climate change is truly shocking; 80% of people displaced due to climateContinue reading “Women and the Environment: Why More Women are Needed in the Fight Against Climate Change”